Privacy statement


In this privacy statement we explain what we do with personal data we ask of you.  We stick to these rules, and you can always contact us  per email for more information about this.


Newsletter and Registering for events
We ask for your name and email adress so we can contact you and keep you up to date of expositions, events, or to contact you by email in case u would like to drop by and make an appointmment. It just feels nicer to sent an email to a person with a name instead of an anonymous contact.
If u wish to be removed from our email list, or change your contact information you can contact us, or remove yourself by using the link that is provided in our Newsletter.

Your data (name and email address) will never be shared with or sold to others.


For the website we only use the Google Analytics cookie to improve our website and to measure which pages and art works are most popular with the visitors of our website, so that we may highlights those pieces.